A-levels are an international examination offered in Nigeria and a host of other countries worldwide. In Nigeria, the exams are administered by the British Council in Conjunction with the CIE (Cambridge International Exams).

A-Levels are the preferred route of entry into Universities in the UK, especially for the most selective courses such as Medicine, Law and Engineering. While other routes into UK Universities are available, the high standards, and acceptability of A-levels makes them a strong choice every year. In addition to entry in the UK, A-levels can also be used to gain admission into the year 2 of Nigerian Federal Universities as Direct Entry candidates. This allows candidates to gain maturity both academically and morally while engaging in a rigorous and challenging course of study.

Traditionally, the preparation for A-levels is expected to last for two years following a GCSE course, however, because most school leavers here in Nigeria have already completed one year of post-GCSE study, the A-Levels can be delivered to such candidates over a one year period.

We offer a variety of A-level subjects at D-Ivy College covering the most popular areas of interest of the candidates that come to us on an annual basis. We can by arrangement make less popular subject choices available to candidates.